The Best Gift from my clients


Straight Talk!

I finally found someone I can be open with, who gives it to me straight and holds me accountable. I really like your view on things and it really helps me, so I appreciate you. - SC

August 2019

Thought I was losing my mind!

If it wasn't for you, I would be losing my mind right now and I did feel like I was sort of going crazy. But now, I feel better, I'm not depressed at all any more and I only have a little anxiety. -NW

April 2019


You totally dropped the mic on me. You rock! - TT 

August 2019

"Thank You"!

I want to thank you for your help. You are the first experience I've ever had with mental health counseling and I think it's made a difference. -JP

August 2019

Ray of Light!

I thank you for your help and even though we only had two visits you helped me immensely and it felt good to finally be on a path that led to a ray of light I hadn’t seen in almost a decade. I really clicked with you, felt at ease and was able to concentrate on putting in the work required to restore the peace needed to live my life and allow myself to be happy without guilt. 

-PV August 2019


Words can never express my gratitude for all you did and continue to do for me. You are truly amazing, compassionate, and brilliant. You always treat me with dignity! I admire you both for your commitment to all of those patients and families who you touch every day! - NP

December 2019

Laughing through the pain!

Today's appointment was so invigorating, and all we did was start my health history! I felt you were really hearing what I was saying, including the painful things that neither one of us want to dwell on, and yet somehow things don't feel as overwhelming after laughing about them. Thank you for bringing who you are into your work! - LD

November 2019

My Family Thanks You!

I just wanted to say thank you for assisting my family in our healing. I pray you are blessed abundantly for doing God’s work in your own way. I am looking forward to healing and becoming a better version of myself, along with my loves.! - JH

October 2018

I'm Speaking Up

I have been really pleased with Dr. Masters. She made me feel really comfortable and she helped me in being a better person and speaking up for myself. Thank you Dr. Masters. - EP 

August 2019

Thank you for everything!

"You have been the best psychologist I ever had, and I appreciate you very much! 

- C.T 

February 2020

Relationship 911!

You helped me more than anybody I ever had and I've had a lot of therapists. You taught me new skills and helped me and my girlfriend get along so much better and I thank you for that. -GP

April 2019

"Don't Give Up"!

First, please note I am not one to normally write recommendations and/or leave reviews online. However, my experience with Dr. Masters has been so life-changing that I strongly recommend her. Dr. Masters is not only a very skilled professional, but I would argue she is amongst the top of those in her field. She was able to identify the underlying cause of my issues on the first day, and while some other psychologists would just tell us to change our behavior, Dr. Masters knew to tackle the underlying problem – my self-worth. She gives homework on why your feelings and self-worth matter, which is vital to making these changes in your life smoother and quicker. I know people who have struggled to fully incorporate behavioral changes for more than a year because their psychologist is not one to assign homework or tackle the underlying issue. On the contrary, it took me maybe three sessions over three weeks, before Dr. Masters and I started seeing results. She is also very understanding, a great listener, and does not judge you, your opinions, or values. The only time she will get remotely unhappy is when you question your self-worth, but she will help you tackle that internal debate. That inner voice that tells you that you don’t matter, she won’t leave it to you to settle that internal debate. She will accelerate the process by speaking to that mindset in you and directly tackling your negative thoughts. I will not forget that session when I couldn’t understand why she felt so strongly that I matter. Part of me thought she may even be wrong. But it took less than an hour of reflecting before I realized that I was in denial, and Dr. Masters spoke the truth. I went through multiple psychologists over many years before finding her. I had thought that psychological therapy does not deliver results. But Dr. Masters proved me wrong. If you have not had positive experiences in therapy, do not give up. Go to Dr. Masters. -KG

August 2019

Laughter, Coaching & Insight!

Dr. Masters is a pleasure to meet with. She brings a lot of laughter to every session, which eases the topic of conversation. She is the first therapist who demonstrates that she understands what I'm going through. As a woman of color, meeting with Dr. Masters has provided me with a lot of positive perspective and relief. She is a great listener and is task/action-oriented, so she often has great ideas about actions to take. In addition to being a great therapist, she is also a great coach, often providing resources, such as videos, individuals or businesses to look up that could be used for additional reference. Based on my past experience, I didn't think therapy could be fun, but Dr. Masters makes it a joyful experience. -MS

February 2019

Ray of Light!

I thank you for your help and even though we only had two visits you helped me immensely and it felt good to finally be on a path that led to a ray of light I hadn’t seen in almost a decade. I really clicked with you, felt at ease and was able to concentrate on putting in the work required to restore the peace needed to live my life and allow myself to be happy without guilt. 

August 2019

5 Therapists Later, I found you!

I was in very bad shape when I came to Dr. Masters, depression, anxiety and much more. Dr. Masters listened to me, she asked me detailed questions and made me feel like my opinion would be heard. I began to see her two times a week because I was in an enormous crisis. I ended up hospitalized in urgent care because of my anxiety attacks. Dr. Masters gave me a place where I could vent my pain and my despair. She made me feel like I was not alone and most importantly I had the opportunity to discover what was happening to me. For me, of all the therapists that I have seen (4-5) before coming to her, they had not been able to help me or make me feel sure of what I was telling them would be heard. Now I am getting better and each day gets better. She saved me probably from myself and she continues to with passion, interest and a lot of patience. Thank you Dr. Masters. Thank you. -AR

May 2018

Recovering Myself!

Dr. Masters put me at ease immediately. I felt a connection with her as if I really mattered as a person and my well-being was important. One of the things I was most grateful for is that she listened. She heard me and did not judge, something that I was not used to. Her questions and comments helped me realize how numb and unaware I was as a person. With her advice and the tools she taught me, I am beginning to recover what I lost (me) and focus on making positive changes. I realized that I couldn't be the person I once was because the point is to become the person I was meant to be. I am at the beginning of that journey and while it won't be easy, it will be the most rewarding. To whom it may concern: She is a gem. -MF

April 2018

"Breaking the Cycle"

When I first starting seeing Dr. Masters, I felt like I was broken. I've been through so much in my life starting with a childhood that I just couldn't see how I was ever going to get past it. I was tired, really, really, really tired. I thought about giving up. I didn't want to go see her, but a friend talked me into it and I'm so glad she did. Dr. Masters, you helped me confront my past and come out of my shell and now I know I'm the one that will break the cycle. Thank you for everything. -EA

April 2018

Finding Myself

I wanted to express a tremendous amount of gratitude to Dr. Masters for helping me become my old self again. I came to her a complete disaster and I truly feel that my sessions with her were an important contribution to my mental health well being by guiding me to a positive state of mind and emotional well being to be fully functional as a mother, daughter, friend, and coworker. -AR

April 2018

It Worked

I have seen Dr. Masters for about a year and I'm so glad to have had the experience of getting my life focused again. Dr. Masters made a plan step by step and when practiced, it worked. Thanks again. 


February 2019

Trust Issues

Dr. Masters has made me very comfortable. I have trust issues with women my whole life. I have learned different with her. She has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I thank her very much. .  - LS

December 2017


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