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Psy.D. Clinical  Psychologist
Client Appointed Title :) "Dr. Extraordinaire" 

Many clients find that having a session with me feels like talking to a trusted friend, except this one is extremely knowledgeable, super-duper talented and has only your best interests at heart. In fact, my official title is  "CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST EXTRAORDINAIRE." Ok, maybe just clinical psychologist, but I like the unofficial one better. (lol) I like that one because I truly aim to help you create extraordinary shifts in your life to create the best version of yourself!

Every client gets my deepest respect and admiration. I know that coming for therapy is one of the hardest things people can do, but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to help my clients improve their circumstances and reach their true potential, whether that is in a relationship with a partner, a child, a parent or with oneself.

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Specializing in TeleHealth -


Develop fresh insights about your life.

Learn tools to handle emotions and problems. 

Improve relationships.

Feel empowered.


It can help you clarify your feelings about your relationship. It can help resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses.

It can deepen intimacy and connection.

It can help promote self-awareness and personal growth.


A better understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns and dynamics;

 Enhanced communication;

Improved problem solving;

Deeper empathy;

Reduced conflict and better anger management skills


depression | anxiety | trauma | bipolar

anger management, coping skills, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, parenting,

self-esteem, depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, trauma, psychosis,
PTSD, adolescent/couples/family therapy

resolving childhood issues that negatively impact clients in adulthood.

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